About Green Air EnvironmentalTM

Green Air EnvironmentalTM, LLC. Sustainable Air Handler Unit and HVAC Coil Cleaning

About Green Air EnvironmentalTM

Green Air EnvironmentalTM, LLC. Sustainable Air Handler Unit and HVAC Coil Cleaning

Green Air EnvironmentalTM is a specialized firm that uses a totally chemical-free, high temperature, medium pressure steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems. This process improves energy efficiency in HVAC systems which helps Green Air’s clients all along the East Coast live, breathe and save green.

The Green Air process was born out of frustration and genuine concern about the traditional way Air Handling Units and HVAC systems were being cleaned. From concerns about the traditional chemical cleaning process that was causing harm to the environment and to the people whose lives it was designed to enhance, Tim Robinson knew something needed to change.

Green Air EnvironmentalTM
the Tim Robinson Story

I knew the process we used to clean coils and HVAC systems was old fashioned and harmful to the environment and I wanted to make a difference.”

– Tim Robinson, GreenAir Environmental

After working as a HVAC Technician for 8 years, Tim developed a custom steam nozzle and proprietary process that created the perfect combination of pressure, heat and steam to penetrate and sterilize the deepest of coil systems. Green Air’s revolutionary approach to AHU and HVAC Coil Cleaning is positively impacting the environment and reducing energy and costs in facilities across the east coast. He hopes his vision will educate and change the industry.

Eco Friendly Steam Coil Cleaning Benefits

Our Bottom line

We promote healthy breathing and energy cost reduction so your employees are happy and so are your finances.

Environmentally safe HVAC

We have developed an environmentally safe HVAC medium pressure, high temperature steam coil cleaning process which returns industrial and commercial HVAC coils to a like new condition. This clean air system process improves air flow and heat transfer, making air conditioning more efficient and saving money on overall energy bills, while extending the life of a HVAC system.

Benefits to Green Air Environmental’s Deep Coil Cleaning Process Includes

  • Improved indoor air quality promotes healthy living and breathing
  • Significantly reduces the amount of air pollutants and contaminates emitted from HVAC systems
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Tremendous savings in energy bills -Reduces operations and maintenance costs -Increases employee work productivity