Green Air’s mission is to provide a cleaner, greener option to provide better air quality, a healthier environment, and longer equipment life.  Using Green Air allows for a company to harness the natural cleaning power of steam instead of releasing toxic and harsh chemicals into the air and the environment.  

We find that our clients not only appreciate the associated cost savings we provide, but knowing that they are doing their part to create a sustainable business environment.  However, there are many simple solutions to creating an environmentally-friendly workplace.  Here are a few easy ways your company can go green:

  1. Digitize:  According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the average American office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year.  Unfortunately, about 70% of those documents wind up in landfills.  By utilizing digital services and file systems, companies can not only reduce paper waste but save money on expensive printing equipment, toners, maintenance, and paper storage.  Still need to print off documents?  Try using recycled paper, printing on both sides, and using a smaller font for less waste.
  2. Add Some Greenery:  Did you know that because modern office buildings are designed using sealed air, indoor air can be 90 percent more polluted than outdoor air?  This can include harmful pollutants such as residues from commercial chemical cleaners, mold, dust, or even remnants from a recent renovation. While using Green Air significantly increases your indoor air quality, a little help from indoor plants can work as well.  Indoor plants not only increase the oxygen in the air, but also help absorb harmful pollutants and balance humidity levels.
  3. Rethink Transportation:  According to the National Safety Council, every year public transportation saves American commuters about $6,000 in automobile expenses, 150 million gallons of gasoline, and reduces their carbon emissions by 95%.  Not only is public transportation cleaner for the environment, but it’s about 170 times safer.  Considering Americans spent an estimated 4 billion hours in traffic last year, riding a bike, catching a bus or train, or starting a carpool seems like a good idea.
  4. Work From Home:  Those with the option of working from home would not only save about the estimated 47 hours the average American spends yearly in rush hour traffic, but could substantially cut down their own environmental footprint.  Between utilizing video conferencing, emailing, internal messaging systems, and other workflow technology you can cut down on paper waste, provide energy savings on a corporate building, and cut your carbon emissions through commuting.
  5. Cutting Energy Usage: Considering office equipment can account for up to 40% of your monthly power bill, ensuring you are adjusting the proper settings on devices to be as energy efficient as possible is important for both cost savings and the environment.  A quick and simple way to cut your energy usage is to utilize natural daylight and LED lightbulbs as a more energy efficient lightning source versus traditional compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.
  6. Call Green Air:  Green Air is committed to providing HVAC maintenance services that delivers restored equipment, significant cost savings, and healthier occupants.  Through our all-natural process we are able to restore the health of your equipment to maintain your investment and ensure cleaner, more breathable air.  By removing harsh commercial chemicals, we ensure a deeper clean without the chance of equipment breakdown and no chance of toxic chemical run off.  

To learn more about how you can create a healthier building and snag significant cost savings, call a Green Air specialist at 1-800-789-3734.