How can I extend the life of my HVAC system?

Regular chemical free cleaning will help extend the life of your equipment and increase the air quality of your facility. Change your filters on a regular basis. Clean your coils and AHU’s on a regular maintenance schedule. Any resistance inside your AHU’s will force the rest of the equipment to run longer and harder and [...]

How often should I change my filters?

Every facility is different due to the difference in the air circulated through Heating and AC systems. If you're unsure of the quality of air being circulated in your facility, it’s best to change your filters at least once every quarter. Having your HVAC system filters changed on a regular basis can improve the efficiency [...]

What’s the best temperature for my office building?

The best temperature for any office building should adhere to “thermal comfort”. This means that when the workers in the office wear normal clothing, they shouldn’t feel either too hot or too cold. This is essential for their well-being and productivity. There’s also a compliance code for optimal temperature at sedentary workplaces, which ask the [...]

Why should we use steam cleaning for our coils?

Pure steam cleaning is an eco-friendly process that will help you reduce your energy costs and improve your indoor air quality. Steam cleaning methods can result in energy savings of up to 30% while restoring your Air Handler Unit’s performance to within 3% of its design specifications. Using a medium-temperature, high pressure steam process, we [...]

Why shouldn’t we use chemicals to clean our coils?

Chemicals are the old way to clean coils. Using chemicals has many adverse effects to your overall equipment cleanliness and longevity. When chemicals are used, most equipment will look clean from the outside, but the chemicals build up inside your coils and prevent adequate air flow. Chemicals that are used to clean coils include alkaline [...]

How often should I clean my Air Handler Unit coils?

Every facility has different cleaning schedules that are driven by the environmental conditions and air cleanliness. Here’s an important tip to remember when creating a Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule: Schedule cooling adjustments during the heating season, and heating adjustments during the cooling season. Not only will technicians have greater availability, but you can avoid HVAC [...]

How do I know if my coils need cleaning?

There are many ways to tell if your coils need cleaning, but the question is: When your coils were last cleaned? What is the differential pressure across your coils? Are your supply air temperatures creeping upward? Is there a stagnant, dirty sock, musty odor in your area? Are your VFD’s running at 100% all the [...]

Why should we have a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program?

In the sweltering heat, would you rather choose to sit in a hot and humid environment instead of a cool and pleasant one? Probably not. That’s why it’s imperative you have a Preventative Maintenance schedule in place for your HVAC system. A PM schedule is important to avoid HVAC failure during extreme seasonal conditions. Damaged [...]

Are there energy and cost savings in chemical cleaning vs. steam cleaning?

Traditional cleaning methods use toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment, but also reduce the life expectancy of your equipment. Replacing your aging HVAC equipment is a costly process and Green Air can substantially increase the life of your units. Our steam cleaning process will increase the delta T [Temperature Difference] of [...]