Chemicals are the old way to clean coils. Using chemicals has many adverse effects to your overall equipment cleanliness and longevity. When chemicals are used, most equipment will look clean from the outside, but the chemicals build up inside your coils and prevent adequate air flow. Chemicals that are used to clean coils include alkaline and acid based cleaners. These solvents work by inciting a chemical reaction on the coil surface. Over time, these acidic chemicals corrode coils, damaging them and negatively affecting your HVAC systems performance.Most chemicals will slowly degrade your equipment, eating away at the metals and permanently creating issues that cannot be rectified. Additionally, runoff water from chemical cleaners can enter your building’s groundwater system during the rinsing process, ultimately contaminating your local water supply system. Furthermore, these products may push the dirt, dust, debris deeper in the unit while apparently these clean the surface. When chemical foams and brings the dirt out of the coil, in most cases that same dirt is being pushed deeper into the coil.This in turn,reduces airflow, heat transfer and encourages fungal, bacterial and mold growth, defeating the whole purpose of cleaning the system.