As Green Air continues to grow across the southeast. It is with great pleasure to announce the opening of Green Air Environmental, of New Orleans. This office will cover the region of South Louisiana. The Green Air process for 10 years now has been the Gold Standard in Preventive Maintenance for HVAC Systems in Healthcare, K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Industrial, and Commercial Spaces. Green Air is excited to expand its footprint into the Magnolia State.

Find our new location at: 

15049 Emory Rd
New Orleans, Louisiana 70128

Green Air Opens New Office Locaiton in New Orleans Louisiana Home of the Saints.jpg

Since our inception, we’ve prided ourselves on being able to provide customer service that exceeds the expectations of our clients, by using the most innovative, environmentally-friendly Air Handling Unit and HVAC system cleaning processes in the industry. This Louisiana expansion will continue to solidify our commitment to and support for our facility partners and the local New Orleans community. 

Why Choose Green Air Environmental?

The best part of opening yet another office location is that we can continue to spread the word about our 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free air handler unit and HVAC coil cleaning services. This process has been proven to:

  1. Reduce Your Energy Bill: Our environmentally friendly steam cleaning process is designed to improve airflow and heat transfer, resulting in improved performance and efficiency for your HVAC equipment.
  2. Reduce Costs Across the Board: Our coil cleaning process is designed to help you save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in coils and equipment replacement costs.
  3. Improve Indoor Air Quality: Our process kills microbial and bacterial growth on HVAC coils, preventing poor air from circulating back into your facility thereby improving indoor air quality.
  4. Extend the Lifetime of Your Equipment: If you’re not getting regular service, your AHU and HVAC equipment could be running at 70-75% of its design specifications. By choosing Green Air, we can get your systems running closer to original design specifications extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Learn more about what Green Air Environmental can do for you by calling 1-800-789-3734 or by filling out this form.