Love verdant landscapes and snow-capped mountains? Does the prospect of staying in a luxurious suite during a vacation make you want to pack your bags? Or would you rather save on your budget and opt for a hotel that offers the best prices? Eco-friendly hotels provide the best of both worlds while ensuring that your luxury hotel sojourn doesn’t increase your environmental footprint.

The Rise of Green Hotels

An infographic by makes shocking revelations about the hotel industry in the U.S. On a per year basis, hotels are responsible for:

  1. Producing of 1.9 billion pounds of waste
  2. Consuming 84.7 billion kWh of energy
  3. Using 219 gallons of water
  4. Producing about 60 million tons of CO2

With all these revealing facts and figures, it makes sense for a large number of hotels to go green. The Starwood Hotel Group is one of the leading names in the hospitality industry, which is setting an example with its environmentally friendly hospitality brand – ‘1.’ Even with the topmost level of luxury and comfort in its hotels, it also is at the forefront of green practices.
Here are some points that offer a better perspective about the same:

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You’ll Save Money

The first and foremost significant benefit for the green hotel industry is that there’s a definite savings of the overall costs. Even though hotels may have to invest in infrastructure and implementation of green practices, in the long-run, these pay off for the owners and you’ll see the benefit too on your bill.

An example of an important green-practice that many eco-conscious businesses are implementing is the maintenance and upkeep of their HVAC systems using green methods. By choosing this green cleaning process over the traditional chemical-laden process, business owners are not only reducing the ill-effects of indoor air pollutants, but are also contributing to a cleaner environment. Green Air EnvironmentalTM offers a chemical-free coil cleaning process that also helps in cutting down the cost on energy bills for a green hotel or any budget-conscious facility. This is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient practices that a green-hotel can make.

A few more steps that help hotels be more energy-efficient are:

  • Servicing the boiler and avoiding overheating rooms and the corridor areas
  • Fitting spray water taps will ensure the guests use less amount of hot water and therefore, energy
  • Fixing all the leaking pipes and taps to save wastage of water
  • Investing in a building management system, or BEMS, to monitor and control building functions
  • HVAC and other systems in the hotel building
  • Installing sensors so that the lights are used only when required
  • Using Low-energy lights wherever possible
  • Defrosting the refrigerators in the rooms
  • Replacing faulty gadgets that tend to consume more power

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Certifications Work in Their Favor, and the Vacationers

Getting certified as a green hotel, works in the advantage of the hotel. This is because a lot of travel and tourism websites highlight green-certified hotels. Customers who favor green hotels read the ratings to make an informed decision. Also, certifications are one of the sure-shot methods to prove that the hotel promotes and practices green methodologies at each and every step. This leads to an increase in revenue generation and the opportunity to explore niches such as hosting green weddings and other events in the vicinity.

Eco, Green Hotel, Pool Deck, Green Air Environmental, HVAC, Air Handling UnitA Surge in Employee Retention

Another benefit of going green for hotels lies in employee retention. Employees look forward to being associated with a hotel that adheres to environmentally-conscious principles and practices. It may so happen that the same principles and practices align with their values. Additionally, in some hotels, the savings from the green methodologies may translate into rewards for the entire hotel staff. This is what reduces attrition rates and increases the retention of employees. Also, long-term money saved using green practices can be re-purposed and used to train the staff. And who wouldn’t want to add this to their resume?

Eco, Green Hotel, Pool Deck, Green Air Environmental, HVAC, Air Handling UnitIncrease in Loyal Customers

Green-living has become a new way of life for many, and green hotels are reaching customers who share this mindset. Just like any average person, hotel guests are now concerned over environmental issues. By selecting a green or eco hotel, guests are able to make a conscious decision to conserve nature. Even though their choice may vary depending upon the location, the services and amenities that are offered, as well as, a given hotel’s green certifications will definitely pique their interest.

Better Chances of Managing Risks

Hotels are risky. Stories exist of fires igniting and guests health has been compromised due to negligence or just a simple mistake. While these are internal risks, there are several environmental risks as well. These include:

  • Contamination of nearby water or land.
  • Different types of air pollution.
  • Increase in waste.

However, Green hotels, with their state-of-the-art methodologies can better cope with all these risks and nip them in the bud.


All said and done, one of the first and the biggest steps that the hotel and hospitality industry needs to take for “going green” is to curb the environmental damage caused by HVAC systems. These systems play a significant role in determining how “green” a building is. A bigger collaboration by all hotels and other establishments is needed for the green movement in the industry, but it needs to begin somewhere. Green Air EnvironmentalTM has been working towards this cause by offering its services across several industries and buildings.

For now, experience the unique services and amenities provided by these hotels the next time you plan a trip. Don’t forget to share what you loved about them though!