As children start filtering into classrooms across the country, a serious health issue threatens the ability for children to get an education in a safe environment.  It’s estimated that one third of American schools have mold in their buildings.  This means lower indoor air quality that can lead to chronic headaches, fatigue, respiratory infections, memory problems, slowed thinking, and even pneumonia.  

For those children with allergies, asthma, or other chronic health conditions, these symptoms can go from mildly irritating to causing severe medical problems. With one in ten children having asthma (and that number continues to grow) this can lead to serious health problems, an inability to learn, and racking up sick days. Even the medications (like antihistamines or inhalers) that children take to tackle these problems don’t work as well when they spend the majority of their time in mold-infested buildings.

An article on this growing epidemic from CNN states: Researchers at the New York state Health Department found a correlation between building maintenance at the public schools and hospitalizations for asthma. The condition of roofs, windows, walls and boilers were all related to the health of children at the school, researchers found.”

As budgets for schools are being cut, facility managers and superintendents are having to do more with less. For example, only having enough money to patch a leaky roof versus replacing it.  Mold growth is often connected to two variables: dampness and humidity, and water damage.  

At Green Air Environmental, we clean and service your HVAC equipment to restore your equipment to proper functionality.  When your HVAC equipment is running at peak performance, it helps balance humidity, filter the air, and remove moisture from the air.  To further improve indoor air quality, Green Air Environmental only uses the natural cleaning power of steam, so no harsh chemical cleaners are released into the air.  

Green Air Environmental is committed to providing children of all ages a safe place to learn, grow, and receive an education.  We feel that all children are entitled to a healthy learning environment. To speak with a Green Air specialist, you can give us a call at 1-800-789-3734 or send us an email at [email protected].