Person Giving Back to the Environment and Community by Planting a Small Seed

As a company that truly believes that “a better tomorrow, starts with a greener today,” Green Air is committed to giving back to the community. Recently, Green Air held two company-wide charity events in which we donated goods to those in need. 

The first one took place in the Atlanta, Georgia area on January 31, 2020, and was supported by our Georgia Teams. The second event was held in the Charlotte, North Carolina area on February 18, 2020, and was supported by our North Carolina team. 

Our teams prepared and delivered approximately 250 care packages to two homeless shelters in the Atlanta and Charlotte areas. These packages consisted of personal care items such as soap, lotion, oral care items, hats, socks, and food items. Many in our company participated by acquiring the donated items, loading up vehicles, transporting items, packing bags and making deliveries.

A small gesture from each employee in our company had a huge impact on the homeless and shelter staff who were very appreciative of Green Air’s charitable donations.

As discussed at our annual company meeting on November 22, 2019, Green Air focuses on extending the life and improving the quality of commercial-sized Air Handler Units (AHUs). However, individually and as a company, we all can have a share in improving and possibly extending the life of another human being with charitable donations.

These activities remind us that there are much less fortunate than ourselves and we may be in need of the charitable donations of others in the future.

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