Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Preventative Maintenance


Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Preventative Maintenance


As a business owner, you face an ever-growing list of challenges. From making sure the air in your facility is healthy to keeping a well-balanced budget, it’s important that you make decisions that are going to help you avoid putting your business at risk.

Green Air Environmental partners with facility management to keep at least two major components of their property in good health: Air Handling Units (AHUs) and HVAC systems. These systems serve a higher purpose than simply keeping your facility comfortable. When working properly, your AHU and HVAC systems can:

  • Increase Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase cost savings
  • Increase employee productivity

Our 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free steam cleaning process is designed to not only effectively clean your AHU and HVAC system but to extend the lifetime of that equipment. Couple our process with a personalized Preventative Maintenance schedule, and you’ll set yourself up for hundreds of thousands in energy and equipment replacement costs.

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Learn more about preventative maintenance and what Green Air Environmental can do for your facility below.

What is a PM Schedule?

Did you know that it could cost 15 times more to address a deferred maintenance issue? Proper preventative maintenance (PM) could help you avoid this budget challenge altogether. A PM schedule, or preventative maintenance schedule, involves regular, routine maintenance for your AHU and HVAC system

Think of your HVAC system like your car. Preventative maintenance on a vehicle is proven to reduce the amount of time and money an owner spends across the lifetime of ownership. Unlike your car, your facility’s HVAC and AHU system cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. Why wouldn’t you treat it the same as a vehicle?

Regular, routine maintenance will help you keep your equipment running efficiently, prevent unplanned maintenance, and reduce unanticipated equipment replacement costs.

Count on Green Air to create a customized PM schedule for routine maintenance based on building size, budgetary expectations, equipment coil type, equipment age, usage needs, thorough inspections, accurate record-keeping, and timely repairs.

How Will Green Air Help You Reach Your Goals?

Data Collection

Gather specific data points from operational equipment. This allows us to make an accurate diagnosis when determining solutions.

Equipment Repair

Offer timely and proper response to critical equipment. This will eliminate reactive maintenance which depletes resources for preventive maintenance.

PM Plan

After analyzing data and inspecting your AHU and HVAC equipment, Green Air will determine the best preventative maintenance plan for your system.

Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

There are many benefits to consistently having your HVAC equipment serviced, especially in an academic environment. In fact, research has shown that academic performance plummets when students are forced to work in environments with poor indoor air quality. On the flipside, student attendance and mental retention skyrockets when they’re able to breathe clean air that’s pure and rid of contaminants like dust, mold and other allergens.

From an environmental standpoint, the benefits of using a chemical-free cleaning solution like Green Air’s specialized process is not only cost effective but socially responsible. Traditional coil cleaning organizations use chemicals that are bad for your building’s internal environment as well as the Earth’s. Chemical run-off is an ongoing problem that Green Air clients don’t have to face.

If you’re interested in getting your HVAC equipment on a regular preventative maintenance schedule, or have any other questions, contact us today.

What Our Partners Have to Say

We recently had our air handler units professionally cleaned by Green Air Environmental. To date this year we have saved $48,505.50 on our electric utility bill for the Hospital. This savings has more than paid back the investment that we spent to have these air handlers professionally cleaned by Green Air’s technicians.

— John K. Ware CHFM

Administrative Director of Facilities Engineering, Safety, Security and Environmental Services Coffee Regional Medical Center

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