Customer Testimonials

What’s more important than the words of our satisfied customers

Customer Testimonials

What’s more important than the words of our satisfied customers

Green Air does a great job cleaning our HVAC units and coils on campus. They have been on our campus for 3 years providing a needed service that produce great results. From dorm room fan coil units to our large AHU’s and air cooled chillers, Green Air continues to keep our HVAC running in tip top shape.

– Carzie Hawthorne, Manager of Facilities Morehouse College

We had issues in losing compressors on our air cooled chiller. Chemicals were eating up the fins and metals, and just weren’t getting the job done. We hired Green Air to clean the coils. And their steaming process cleaned out all the dirt, along with the leftover chemicals used in the past. We won’t have to replace the compressors or the chiller.

– Ricky Sherman, Gadsden County Schools

We had a chill water coil on an AHU that was clogged, and we were not getting the needed air exchanges for our OR’s. Instead of having to replace the coil or the entire AHU, Green Air cleaned our coils and AHU. Now we have sufficient air flow to our OR’s.

– Larry Garrett, Athens Regional Medical Center

We greatly improved the airflow in our AHU’s, to the point of not having to replace the AHU’s and coils. Green Air has currently cleaned all of our AHU’s, we are very happy with the service and results.

– Willie Glover, Grady Hospital

We’re having great results using Green Air on our AHU and HVAC equipment, we’ve noticed more airflow, and cleaner air for our hospital.

– Jay Burdett, Novant Matthews Hospital

We’ve noticed after the cleaning of all our air handler units, that the chillers are using 37% less energy than the previous summer.

– Jeff Sheffield, Irwin County Hospital

Green Air has done a great job of cleaning our HVAC coils. Our air cooled chillers and roof top units are running noticeably better, and the building is being cooled off faster than before. Great job by a professional team!

– Robert Stansell, Muscogee County School District

Green Air has the best process for cleaning Air Handler Units and HVAC coils. Their chemical free process has saved our campus millions in energy savings over the last several years. They are professional and provide an excellent service.

– Tom Shewan, Director of Maintenance, Florida State University

We learned quickly that he best way to restore HVAC equipment to like new condition is to have Green Air on our campus. Their use of steam to clean coils has extended the life of our aging AHU’s, Air Cooled Chillers, and fan coil units. Our units are running like new.

– Carzi Hawthorne, Operations Manager, Morehouse College

Our most critical unit on campus which serves a research building was cleaned by our staff and outside contractors using chemicals. We tried everything to avail on getting more airflow and improved cooling from the 16” coils that serve this AHU. We were skeptical at first, we’ve heard it all, and seen it all…… so we thought. Green Air came out and cleaned our unit, and the coils. The steam penetrated the coils, and cleaned them up very nice. We had air flow tests done, the unit had a 19% improvement in airflow. Green Air’s process is the only way we will clean coils going forward.

– Harold “Tree” Sanford, Manager Building Operations- University of Kentucky

Green Air’s use of steam to clean HVAC coils is brilliant! We’re not replacing compressors and fan motors, and our equipment is running more efficiently. We now know this is the best way to take care of our HVAC equipment.

– Michael Bocian, Assistant Director of Maintenance, Georgia Southern University