Powerful Process. Documented Results.

Powerful Process. Documented Results.

We provide all our clients with a swab analysis, an energy analysis, and documented data to show our all-natural steam process improves your air quality and your bottom line.


Swab Analysis


Energy Analysis


Data on your
Coil Cleaning

Are you ready to see the difference
Green Air can make?

At Green Air Environmental, we work to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), the effectiveness of your equipment, and provide significant cost savings… all while harnessing the natural power of steam. We are able to provide a short term ROI by instantly providing energy savings and long term by preserving the lifespan of your equipment through our unique process.

We provide real data like a before and after energy analysis and a before and after swab to show you real data that our process works. Our results are immediate and are backed by concrete testing and data.

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Where’s your data?

By harnessing the natural power of steam, we are able to kill the microbes and mold spores that live deep within the coil that traditional and toxic chemical cleaners can’t reach.  We show you how these mold and bacterial microbes that can make building inhabitants sick are killed through our swab analysis.

Where’s your analysis?

We have documented data (from customers like a local hospital) that have shown energy savings of almost $50,000 after our services.  We measure how hard your system is working (before and after) to show our clients how much money they’ve saved with a properly working HVAC system

Where’s your results?

We provide all our clients with extensive documentation showing the before and after performance of their equipment.  This data shows you important maintenance benchmarks like airflow, temperature control, and energy savings to show you how our services gave you a return on your investment.

How We Reduced Our Client’s
Energy Costs by 48%

For every client we capture before and after analysis of energy usage, air flow, cooling statistics, and pressure. We stand behind our all-natural steam cleaning process and our documented data showing real results for our clients.

We serviced three Air Handler Units at a medical center and were able to show exactly how much money and energy they saved with their improved performance. The Average Fan Speed for all AHUs were reduced by 15%. We also measured the before and after Power Consumption that showed an average consumption savings of 105,709 kWH per unit.

This consumption savings also showed our client an average energy cost savings of $5,285 per unit resulting in a 48% saving of their energy costs each year.

105,709 kWH

Average Power Consumption Savings Per Unit


Average Energy Cost Savings Per Unit


Average Fan Speed Difference Per Unit

Want to know what our customers think
about our process?

We stand behind our all-natural steam cleaning process and the value we bring to our clients. Here are what our clients have to say about it:

“We’re having great results using Green Air on our AHU and HVAC equipment, we’ve noticed more airflow, and cleaner air for our hospital.”

Jay Burdett, Novant Matthews Hospital

“Green Air’s use of steam to clean HVAC coils is brilliant! We’re not replacing compressors and fan motors, and our equipment is running more efficiently. We now know this is the best way to take care of our HVAC equipment.”

Michael Bocian, Assistant Director of Maintenance, Georgia Southern University