Green Hospitals

In our blog entitled, “HVAC Maintenance in Healthcare Facilities,” we explored the top five bacteria lurking in hospital airways. While we focused primarily on the threats bacteria pose to hospital occupants, we didn’t cover how to clean healthcare facilities. It may seem obvious to use standard cleaning products to maintain your HVAC system, but for [...]

The Deadliest Disease You’ve Never Heard Of: Legionnaires’ Disease

It may start off as a simple high temperature, sore muscles and occasional chills, for which over-the-counter medications may suffice. However, we’re not talking about an ordinary flu, but rather the often unheard of Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease is a lung infection caused by water contaminated with Legionella germs, or more specifically, Legionnaire’s disease bacteria (LDB). […]

The World’s Biggest Health Risk: Poor Air Quality

World Health Day is annually held the first week of April and celebrated to raise awareness of growing health concerns worldwide. For millions of people across the globe, breathing easy isn’t exactly simple. Between industrial expansion, vehicles overcrowding the roadways, and the reliance on fossil fuels, air quality worldwide has rapidly deteriorated. Only 1 in 10 people [...]

Energy Efficiency in Buildings: A Guide for Facilities Managers

The title of facilities manager implies monitoring a number of building processes with the goal of having everything run smoothly and efficiently. However, the title does not allude to the purpose of a facilities manager. Buildings that a facility manager supervises offers space for businesses, organizations, and brands in shared office spaces, but more importantly [...]

Is Your Cruise Vacation Toxic for Your Health?

Traveling to an exotic location is a dream vacation for millions of people, especially if by cruise line. The demand for new and exciting cruise destinations steadily grows, subsequently increasing the number of cruise ships out at sea. So, while millions picture themselves sailing away to a picturesque destination with the breeze in their hair, [...]

HVAC Maintenance in Healthcare Facilities

What images come to mind when you hear the words ‘sterile environment’? Imagine the stale, white walls associated with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities for a moment. These environments have become synonymous not only with health, but cleanliness due to their color. The use of the color white in healthcare facility designs is for [...]

Green Hotels And Facilities, A Look Into The Future

Love verdant landscapes and snow-capped mountains? Does the prospect of staying in a luxurious suite during a vacation make you want to pack your bags? Or would you rather save on your budget and opt for a hotel that offers the best prices? Eco-friendly hotels provide the best of both worlds while ensuring that your luxury [...]

Improving Indoor Air Quality After Restoration Projects

Restoration We have heard the word many times and we are going to hear it again, especially in the industrial sector. Many industrial buildings in the US were constructed during the time in which energy conservation became a global concern. In response to changes in building design and construction expectations, the increased use of synthetic materials [...]