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Press Release - November 2016

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August 18th, 2016

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Locally Owned Business is Revolutionizing the HVAC Industry and Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools and Hospitals Across the East Coast  

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — “Live, Breathe and Save Green,” that’s the mission of Green Air Environmental. Founded by CEO Tim Robinson, Green Air has recently moved into Charlotte, NC and other South East markets after being founded in Fayetteville, GA in 2011.

Robinson and company have revolutionized the Air Handler Unit and HVAC coil cleaning processes that traditionally have used toxic and corrosive chemicals that are harmful to building occupants, equipment, as well as the environment. “I knew the process that was traditionally used to clean coils and other HVAC equipment was old fashioned and harmful to the environment, and I wanted to make a change and a difference.” – Tim Robinson, Green Air EnvironmentalCEO

Green Air’s innovative environmentally-friendly coil cleaning process harnesses the natural power of steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems by using medium pressure, high temperature steam is changing industry standards. Their revolutionary cleaning process combined with first-class customer service has created a perfect storm for Green Air to experience exponential growth along the South East. Facility and building managers are seeing that partnering with Green Air not only improves the reliability of their units but also their efficiency. Green Air is a service partner of one of the largest public school systems in North Carolina, a number of healthcare facilities across the Carolinas as well as many large industrial facilities.

For their pioneering work in the healthcare industry, Green Air was awarded the Business Partner of the Year by The Georgia Society of Healthcare Engineers in April of 2016. “We [Green Air] have developed an incredible sustainable process of cleaning Air Handler Units and HVAC coils in hospitals that allow these units to have more air exchanges and cleaner-sterile air. Our eco-friendly steam process removes the environment for microbial and bacterial growth that live deep within coils in hospitals. The heat transfer improvements and reduces the wear and tear, along with energy used to run chiller plants.”

-Nate Lincoln II, Green Air Environmental – Vice President


Green Air Environmental is a specialized firm that uses a totally chemical-free, medium pressure, high temperature steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems. This process improves energy efficiency in HVAC systems which helps Green Air’s clients all along the East Coast live, breathe and save green.