Green Air Environment has completely revolutionized the Air Handler Unit and HVAC coil cleaning process. Unlike traditional cleaning processes that have used toxic and corrosive chemicals, Green Air harnesses the natural power of steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems. This process has proven to increase reliability, efficiency as well as air quality in commercial/industrial spaces.

In an effort to help clients understand the process, Green Air Environmental is proud to release a video of their revolutionary process. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at the 100% environmentally friendly Air Handler Unit and HVAC coil cleaning process.

Check out the video of their innovative, steam cleaning process and learn:

  • How harmful and dangerous pathogens enter your building
  • How these pathogens can impede airflow and decrease efficiency
  • How Green Air’s cleaning process can lead to cleaner, greener air and hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy, maintenance, and replacement costs
  • How this harmless, chemical-free cleaning process works
  • How they can assess your system to ensure it’s working efficiently

In addition to 10 years of unmatched service and revolutionary innovations in HVAC coil and AHU cleaning, this video continues to show why Green Air Environmental is the best choice the industry has to offer. Count on Green Air to keep striving toward a green tomorrow, today.