Your Facility Can Benefit

Your Facility Can Benefit

Hospitals and Healthcare

Green Air Environmental Hospital and Healthcare Benefits

Healthcare facilities are exposed to a high level of airborne bacteria and germs and it’s a difficult process to rid the air of these germs – especially when patients or staff members become sick. HVAC and AHU’s are designed to cycle air throughout your facilities while maintaining a steady, even temperature. Air containing germs and other pollutants are drawn through a central unit and then recycled back into the building environment. However, if not properly filtered the air will return these germs into the environment occupied by your patients and staff. Traditional methods of cleaning coils only allow for the 1st inch of the coil to be cleaned. What about a coil that is 10 inches deep? Over a short amount of time, microbial and bacterial growth begins to grow deep into a coil, thus reducing the unit’s efficiency. In most cases, In most cases, AHU’s are running are running below their design specifications.

K-12 / Educational

Green Air Environmental K-12 and Educational Benefits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has long been a proponent of improving indoor air quality in the nation’s schools stating on their web site that, “Poor indoor air quality can cause illness requiring absence from school, and can cause acute health symptoms that decrease performance while at school.” Heating and air conditioning control units, as well as outlet vents require maintenance because their intake vents can get dirty, thereby compromising the effectiveness of the facility heating or cooling. Depending on the type of contaminants, adverse health conditions can result.

Universities and Colleges / Higher Ed

Green Air Environmental Universities, Colleges and Higher Education Benefits

Depending on size and needs of your facility, the Green Air EnvironmentalTM team will determine your coil design and the nature of the contaminant. We will then clean the coil with a prescribed method to restore original and efficient air flow. We are economical, environmentally friendly, and save you money on maintenance and reduce energy consumption. Recent data suggests that poor indoor air quality can reduce a person’s ability to perform specific mental tasks. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a critically important aspect of creating and maintaining quality school facilities.


Green Air Environmental Industrial Facility Benefits

Industrial facilities are larger in scale, so, your needs are larger and specific to your facility. Based on your business, your facility may protect valuable inventory, as well as set the scene to create happy and loyal customers, and it also serves as a second home for your staff. Therefore, it’s important your HVAC and AHU’s are functioning at maximum efficiency. Traditional methods of cleaning coils use chemicals which over time break down coils and soon after, microbial and bacterial growth begins reducing the unit’s efficiency again. However, with Green Air’s specialized process, we can restore these units to like-new condition and can eliminate any microbial and bacterial growth on the coils.