Because Your HVAC System is the Lungs of your Facility.

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Your facilities are exposed to a high level of airborne bacteria and germs and it’s a difficult process to rid the air of these germs – especially when patients or staff members become sick. HVAC and AHU’s are designed to cycle air throughout your facilities while maintaining a steady, even temperature. Air containing germs and other pollutants are drawn through a central unit and then recycled back into the building environment. However, if not properly filtered the air will return these germs into the environment occupied by your patients and staff. Traditional methods of cleaning coils only allow for the 1st inch of the coil to be cleaned. What about a coil that is 10 inches deep? Over a short amount of time, microbial and bacterial growth begins to grow deep into a coil, thus reducing the unit’s efficiency. These units are not moving enough air, and the heat transfer capability has dropped off. However, with Green Air’s specialized process, we can restore these units to like-new condition and can eliminate any microbial and bacterial growth on the coils.




Our process restores these units to like-new condition. We do this by destroying microbial and bacterial growth on the coils, which allows your units to operate efficiently and save you money on your energy bills. Our sustainable cleaning process is currently being used in multiple Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities across the Southeast. We have greatly improved the infection control programs at these facilities, along with extending the life of HVAC equipment. The reduction in energy usage is noticeable early after projects are completed. The air exchanges are increased, and the indoor air quality is greatly improved because of this chemical free process. Replacing your aging HVAC equipment is a costly process and Green Air can substantially increase the life of your units.

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  • You will experience an immediate increase in efficiency of your units leading to lower energy bills.
  • Our process is not only safe for your patients and staff, it’s also an environmentally friendly cleaning process.
  • Our chemical free process will not corrode the coils like traditional, chemical laden cleaning methods.
  • Medium pressure, high temperature steam greatly reduces failure of the air compressor and condenser fan motor in your AHU.
  • Using our process increases the life of your HVAC units & quick ROI.
  • Our unique cleaning process immediately destroys mold, fungi, and microbial growth on the coils.
  • After cleaning you will see Immediate improvements in cfms on AHU’s by an average of 20%.
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Green Air EnvironmentalTM provides an effective chemical-free, steam coil cleaning process to eliminate a variety of dangerous air pollutants affecting your indoor air quality and saving you money on your energy costs. Green Air EnvironmentalTM has revolutionized the AHU’s and HVAC Coils cleaning process to help keep our environment and people safe and reduce your bottom line. The Green Air steam cleaning process uses ZERO chemicals so there is no waste to worry about. We clean your equipment to almost factory-like performance and prolong the life expectancy of your units.

“We greatly improved the airflow in our AHU’s, to the point of not having to replace the AHU’s and coils. Green Air has currently cleaned all of our AHU’s, we are ve,y happy with the service and results.”
  –  Willie Glover, Grady Hospital

“We’re having great results using Green Air on our AHU and HVAC equipment, we’ve noticed more airflow, and cleaner air for our hospital.”
 – Jay Burdett, Novant Matthews Hospital

“We’ve noticed after the cleaning of all our air handler units, that the chillers are using 37% less energy than the previous summer.”
  – Jeff Sheffield, Irwin County Hospital