K-12 / Schools HVAC Cleaning

Because the Next Generation Deserves a Better Environment

K-12 / Schools HVAC Cleaning

Because the Next Generation Deserves a Better Environment

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Children are already up against the world, do they really need to fight for clean air too? In the school setting, staff and children are exposed to high levels of airborne bacteria every day. If the HVAC system isn’t running properly, it’s a difficult process to rid the air of these germs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has long been a proponent of improving indoor air quality in the nation’s schools stating that, “Poor indoor air quality can cause illness requiring absence from school, and can cause acute health symptoms that decrease performance while at school.” It’s important to give each child a fighting chance, and the best place to start is the air that they breath every day at school. Our unique cleaning process cleans your Air Handling Units and HVAC system coils using a completely chemical free process that improves the efficiency of the AHU while increasing their ability to filter air and prolonging the life of the equipment. In most cases, AHU’s are running within 3% of design specifications.




Our process restores your units to like-new condition without invading your faculty’s space or classrooms. We do this by destroying microbial and bacterial growth on the coils, using a completely chemical-free process of medium pressure, high temperature steam. Using this process allows your units to operate efficiently which will, in turn, save you money on your energy bills. This will produce the highest quality air possible, helping to keep your staff and students healthy. Our sustainable cleaning process is currently being used in multiple K-12 and Educational facilities across the Southeast. Most facilities experience an immediate reduction in energy costs soon after each project is completed. In turn, their indoor air quality is improved and are able to run at maximum efficiency. Replacing your aging HVAC equipment is a costly process and Green Air can substantially increase the life of your units.



  • Significantly increases student, teacher, and staff productivity levels.
  • Toxin-free air reduces student and staff absenteeism and the potential for health issues, such as asthma. In return, reduces facility liability issues.
  • Our process is not only safe for your students, it’s also an environmentally friendly cleaning process with zero chemical residue.
  • Our chemical free process will not erode the coils like traditional chemical laden cleaning methods.
  • Our process will eliminate contaminants in your HVAC system leading to healthier air quality and healthier staff and students.
  • You will experience an immediate increase in efficiency of your units leading to lower energy bills.
Green Air Environmental Services Tree K-12 Schools


Green Air EnvironmentalTM provides an effective chemical-free, steam coil cleaning process to eliminate a variety of dangerous air pollutants affecting your indoor air quality and saving you money on your energy costs. Green Air EnvironmentalTM has revolutionized the AHU’s and HVAC Coils cleaning process to help keep our environment and people safe and reduce your bottom line. The Green Air steam cleaning process uses ZERO chemicals so there is no waste to worry about. We clean your equipment to almost factory-like performance and prolong the life expectancy of your units.

“Green Air has done a great job of cleaning our HVAC coils. Our air cooled chillers and roof top units are running noticeably better, and the building is being cooled off faster than before. Great job by a professional team!”
  – Robert Stansell, Muscogee County School District

“My air cooled chiller is finally cycling off. We could not get the head pressures down on our chiller using chemicals. After the unit was cleaned, the head pressures are down, and the unit is putting out colder chill water than before. Green Air has done a great job on getting this air cooled chiller, I recommend their work to any school system.”
 – Ricky Sherman, Gadsden County Schools

“Green Air’s process has greatly helped our facility in energy costs, and what we spend on HVAC repairs. We’re not having to replace as many compressors and fan motors on our HVAC equipment. Our HVAC systems are running more efficient, and this has brought down on costs to run that equipment.”
  – Johnny Walker, The Westminster Schools